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Just watched the new Snapchat teaser for Season 7. IT IS UPON US!

This year, I am one of the veteran(arian)s. 

When you audition for RPDR, it takes a while for you to hear anything. You finally do and it's the most exciting thing ever! You go on the show, which is the most exciting thing ever! You get eliminated, no comment ;). You wait for 5 months, which seems more like a year, until you can actually say something about it and the cast is announced, which is (you guessed it) the most exciting thing ever!

Last year at this time a lot of us Season 6 girls were texting back and forth in anticipation of the big day when people would finally know our names. We had heard from producers that "Our lives were going to change forever!" At the time it seemed a little far fetched. Yeah yeah yeah, a couple drag race fans will know about me, Milk, and the crazy antics I like to pull on the runway, but "change forever"...I highly doubt it.

Meet me, Milk, Dan, a year since the announcement. I have been around the world and back, performing for and meeting such amazing artists and fans like some of you reading this! I got to be a part of the Marc Jacobs Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign #SkinTee! I get to entertain you guys on WOWPresents (SUBSCRIBE lol) with my legendairy looks! I FINALLY RELEASED MY TSHIRT FOR SALE ON MY WEBSITE! I, eye, aye, I, eye, aye! 

I am not afraid of emotion but I hardly get touchy feely with my feelings like this, but I wanted to let you know that you guys who have supported me, loved me, and/or despised me over this past year have made this the MOST EXCITING THING EVER! Never did I ever think that my life would bring me here. The same goes for you. Hey, it may not be Rupaul's Drag Race, but know that life will lead you in the most exciting and unexpected direction ever! 

Alright, enough 'realness corner' 'AA meeting' 'Oprahs workshop' bullshit haha

Be patient, be happy, be fucking FABULOUS!

xo milky