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About the dairy

MILK is the creation of Sandra Sassypants aka Daniel Donigan. This is the story of his her life.


Photo : Hadar Pitchon for Gayletter

Dan grew up in Syracuse, NY. Holla, 315!  He has a mommy and a daddy... and two really hot brothers. They like pussy. Sorry, gays.

Dan went to Catholic school and was an altar boy. He was never touched by an angel, thankfully.






He was a competitive figure skater, for like, ever.








Dan joined the Marc Jacobs International family in 2009. He loves clothes, like any teenage girl. Duh. He was the Merchandising Manager at Marc Jacobs in NYC. MILK can be seen tackling models at every "Marc" runway show.




Dan breast-formed a drag group called "The Dairy Queens" which is cream-based on the East Coast. The members are: MILK, Skim Burley (MILK's Drag Daughter), Yoohoo, Linda Lakes, & Juggz.






MILK owes much of her success to New York Nightlife Mogul Susanne Bartsch. Susanne discovered MILK & The Dairy Queens at her party at ON TOP: LeBain. She loved these bitches and has been promoting them ever since.

Dan lives in NYC's 'Curry Hill' with his manfriend James Whiteside, who is a Principal Dancer in American Ballet Theatre. He is also JBDUBS (a pop musician). He is also Yoohoo (a member of The Dairy Queens). That bitch busy. And with their cat #MsBit.

Thanks for reading this bio, even though you probably didn't.

Thanks for it.